Its just as true personally as it is for your business.

StartIn order to get to your destination, you have to accurately determine where you are right now.

And that might even be noticing some areas where you are letting your team down – your record keeping, your level of impeccability in operating your systems – even your appearance can be letting you down.

That’s why I’m writing about this.

You see, we all set our own standards of operation.

Man in the MirrorAs we are usually the only one we are accountable to, it’s easy for our standards to drop.

If you are really interested in being the best you that you can be, then I’d suggest taking on a coach.

As soon as you spend time around a coach, it becomes obvious to you where you are currently at.

That’s why most people won’t come near a coach

When you see you are not operating on your best level of operation, you can make some changes.

It’s only when you see that, that you can do something about it.

Left to your own devices, you conveniently ignore where you are at, justifying your behaviors, turning a blind eye.

But you can’t build on justifications. 

Reality is the only foundation to move forward

So if you discover you’ve gone a bit feral, that your standards of operation and behavior have slipped, then that really is a good thing.

You can build on that.  You can improve on that.

You are now aware of that.

Then you can authentically look at where you want to go to (your goals) and start from the start.

You have to know where you are starting from if you want to go somewhere else.

Set your direction. Identify where you are at. Start your engines! email me.

Set your direction. Identify where you are at. Start your engines! email me.