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How the Davidson Institute can Help You

Last night at our Marrickville Business Association, I listened to the straight talking and easy to listen tLisa Gissingo Lisa Gissing from the Davidson Institute about the seven  steps to business success.

So how can you be helped by the Davidson Institute?

They help you with your financial education.  Westpac has opened the doors to the previously guarded competencies of working with your personal and business finances.

What can you access?

They have three sections of help: Business, Personal  and Not-for-Profit.

Business has a series of webinars and videos that cover: Starting your business, operating your business and growing your business.  Three areas that would serve you well to learn the basics in.

Personal has: planning for your future, building wealth, retirement planning and owning your own home.

Not-For-Profit has: Not-For-Profit organisations, Money Managers,  Ruby and Westpac foundation

How can you use this?

Educate yourself.  Go through and learn the basics.  Inform yourself.  Use the tools.  Sharpen your pencil.

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Hocus focus – amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.


I’ve discovered a conversation about digital disruption that’s making it’s rounds in Sydney, led by the savvy Dinesh De Silva and his team from his company; Netstripes.

It’s a conversation that subverts the conservative status quo and cuts to the chase about what works in a digital world right now.

Not only that, it’s a great place to meet other business owners who are exploring the possibilities of all the business they are currently missing out on, in a world where all their customers are online surfing the net.

Dinesh has crafted these meetings beautifully with his support team.  Angelo Grasso, is the “Networking Queen” who leads the room through a series of clever and entertaining networking processes that get people up and connecting with each other.

If you get a chance to go to one of these events – Go!

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Hocus focus – amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Four things I’ve learned about Daily Reviewing my Vision

A vision is a short story about what it’s going to be like when you have achieved your goals.Vision 5

Written in present tense, using lots of emotive words that mean a lot to you, your vision has the potential to take you to a future you have designed, inspiring you to keep going, teaching you the details you need to take care of and reminding you of what’s really, really important to you.

For the last few years, I’ve been writing out my vision, then recording it on my phone with as much positive high energy, high tone voice as I can muster.  I then listen to that every day.

This has an amazing effect on my motivation, my positive expectations and the understandings I gain about what I need to do to make my vision come true.

But let my truth I’ve learned be known:

listening to your vision once a day, is never enough.

I once coached an amazing high energy guy who relentlessly pursued his goals every day and he told me he read and listened to his vision 10-15 times a day.  He had it on his phone and was actively brainwashing himself that he was achieving his goals every day.

The last ninety days for me, I’d be listening to my vision at least 4-8 times a day.

I never once read my vision.  I’m hooked on the audio.  It’sHeadphones easy, convenient, my recording pumps out the same level of passion and energy, every time, no matter what I’m feeling.  It works for me.

My overall attitude and the amount of action I’ve pumped into my goals is awesome.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • The first time I listen to my vision, my “Critical Voice” has a field day – “that won’t happen!”, “You can’t do that!!”,  “You’re not good enough!!!”…and a whole lot more is thrown at my vision as my Critical Voice desperately tries to pull me off track.Headphones 2
  • The second time I listen to my vision, I start to get excited. I can see the possibility of it happening.  My Critical Voice has stopped talking.  I start hearing, like it was for the first time, the cool things I’m creating.  I fall in love with my goals again.  I take the emotions on my recording seriously.  It’s a completely different listening.  The first time I listen, is a struggle with my Critical Voice, the second time, I actually hear and appreciate my vision.
  • The third and any other time I listen to my vision, is HEadphones 1all about  pure enjoyment and appreciation of my strongly desired future. I hear things freshly.  I get reminded of details, I need to get right in my day.  I have insights about things I need to create in order to have the vision come true.
  • Four listening’s of my vision pumps me up. It has a noticeable and very positive effect upon my day.

I trust you are inspired to write and tape your inspiring vision after reading this.  You’ll find some help to do that here.

I also trust that if you have written and recorded your vision, that you, at the very least, read or listen to it at least twice.  That way you break the power of your Critical Voice to dominate your life.

Once you do that, you’ll have so much fun doing it, that it’ll be easy to listen to it a few more times.

It’s gotta be good for you!

Portrait 3

Want some help to unleash the power of your vision? Contact me.

HEadphones 1

Issues my clients grapple with #18:


You are playing small, trying to survive, trying to save pennies instead of leading and dominating your market niche, making the profits you have worked hard and smart for.

You have no vision, no destination, nothing to look forward to.


Find someone who believes in you, more than you currently do.

Trust that that someone is smart enough to realise that you can be stretched to achieve something that right now, you don’t believe is possible.

Set some audacious bold and inspiring goals.

Make an audacious, bold plans.

Hold yourself accountable to act decisively.


Working toward goals that you love and are inspired by, helps you trust in your ability to play and win in bigger games.

Sometimes you don’t even need to achieve the goal – the thrill of the chase as well as the self belief needed to set out and face the challenges of achieving the goals are a reward in themselves.

You will find yourself.

Not your small self, but your larger self.

You’ll realise that the most dangerous game in town is to play safe.

Outdoor portrait

C’mon out and play – you can’t do anything about the past or the future – there is only now and that’s why they call it the present! email me.

Issues my clients grapple with #17:


You don’t even listen to your smartest asset in your business – You.

You are missing out on utilizing the power of your experience, your contacts, your knowledge and your intuition about your business and your market.

You don’t listen to your own brilliant ideas.


This generally happens because you are stressed out and overwhelmed by all the clutter, the extraneous and the unclear about where you are going in your business.

First, you set some inspiring goals that you absolutely love.

You then focus on achieving them.

You spend time with people who believe that you have everything you need in yourself to achieve your goals.  They see your genius, your great solutions and abilities.

Every time you reach a block or an obstacle, you ask yourself what’s the best way forward…and you trust that you will have the answer…and you listen for your response.

The Outcome:

The more you reach out to the unknown and discover your own genius, wisdom and courage, the more you get to trust these parts of yourself.

You start to develop trust, self respect and the courage to stand up to the challenges and obstacles in your life and business.

Your ideas suddenly become strategies, ways forward that you consider in your quest for success.

relaxed, reclining Mike

You know, life gets pretty relaxed and easy when you start trusting yourself. Find out about the relaxed, reclining and very smart you – email me.

How to deal with grief at work

Trust these three things that work for me, work for you:

  1. Plan your day the night before.  Make sure you have your priorities and actions clearly written down.
  2. Share your grief throughout the day.  Talking about it is good for you.  Give yourself short intervals of grief airtime.  Then read your plan for the day and get back into action.
  3.   Be patient with yourself.  Don’t expect it to go away quickly. Acknowledge yourself.  Support yourself with breaks, cups of coffee and food.  Keep going back to your plan and keep working it throughout the day.  If you see that it’s a good idea to call it a day and go home – do that.  Take care of yourself.  You are your number one priority.
Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Learn to be emotionally intelligent with yourself…and others. email me.

Issues my clients grapple with: 16#


You aren’t being clear and straight about what you are really going for and where you are going. The Spice Girls are asking you: “Tell me what you want – tell me what you really, really want!”

The world wants to know what your vision is – where you are heading.


Sit with someone who gives you permission to be who you are.

Stop censoring yourself – talk about what you really, really want.

While you are being honest with yourself – quick!- set some goals!

Then, write a vision of what it will be like when you have achieved those goals – talk about it as if it’s already happened.  Write how you feel about it.

Then, read your vision and record it on your phone.  Be enthusiastic and dramatic when you read it.  Then listen to it three times a day for the next ninety days – Live into your future.

Get to know your way around your future.  Check out what’s missing right now and bring it into being.  In your business as well as your personal life.

Do whatever it takes to make your vision come true, every day in every way.


You will be unstoppable.

People will be wondering how come you have so much insight about what’s needed to make your goals happen.

They will see you as being articulate and able to describe down to the detail, your vision.

When obstacles come and push comes to shove, you won’t shrink away and do nothing to defend your vision.  Your vision has a life and that life is within you and you will defend that life with fire and passion.

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Tell me what you want, what you really really want, and I’ll help you get it! email me.

Introducing: The Rockefeller Habits

TitianBased upon Titian, the biography of John D Rockefeller, these key fundamentals of leadership and managing a business are a must for anyone building a successful high growth business.

You’ll find a checklist below that you can use to determine whether you have the fundamentals established as part of your  company’s DNA.

These tools typically take time to inculcate and incorporate in your employee’s thoughts and actions.

So be patient and start implementing them now.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Want help in staying focused on the important things as you grow your business? email me.


There’s one simple reason why a few people do this really well.

They have distinguished the different areas of their lives.

It’s simple.


You identify and name the different areas of your business life.

You identify and name the different areas of your personal life.

You identify and name the different areas of your community life.

You identify and name the different areas of your education life.

You identify and name the different areas of your spiritual life.

You identify and name the different areas of your recreation


Then it’s easy

Once you name something, then you can organise it in your mind, in your schedule and in your life.

If it’s not named, as far as your mind is conc

erned, it doesn’t exist.

Naming things has a great power in your life.

Hocus Focus

is the magic that happens when you can put yourself wholly and without distraction into an area of your life.

Naming the areas of your life is the first step for you to be able to perform this magic trick of productivity.

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Hocus focus – amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

A coach’s listening

It’s a been a big week here at the Exponentials Downunder and there’s been a number of insights along with the Growth Faculty coming to town with the Growth Summit – a collection of cutting edge speakers presenting to medium sized businesses in Sydney.

My big insight about how a coach listens came from ringing a coach, who I’d trained and mentored for some years and who has become a dear friend.

I thought I was having a normal conversation.  Suddenly, I was sharing things that were under the radar for me.  I was being more honest about my situation than I would normally be and I was having insights that were incredibly valuable to me.

I got off the phone and did some reflection.

Then it clicked.

He was coaching me!!!!

I rang him back and thanked him for his great work and he told me he was not doing anything special (- yeah right! ) it was just a conversation.

I forget this, but when you are talking to a coach, it’s usually a one way conversation that’s all about you and nothing about the coach.

Anyway, speaking of powerful conversations that are crucial, the inspiring Joseph Grenny, author of Crucial Conversations, Influencer,  Crucial Accountability and Change Anything was in town.

I’ve been on my best behaviour in the last couple of days knowing he is in Sydney.  I’ve been mindful of having the conversations I usually avoid, by some simple preparation, structuring the conversation so it moves forward.

Not only that Salim Ismail, founder of the Singularity University and the author of Exponential Organisations, the book I read in December 2015 that scared the bejeebers out of me and motivated me to digitally disrupt my business and set up Exponentials Downunder.

Knowing he is in town has had me looking over my digital shoulder searching for the unexpected threats lurking in trends  everywhere for my business.

I also discovered the amazing Frances Frei,  professor at Harvard and someone whose research uncovers some counter-intuitive information about customer Service.worth five minutes to check it out.

So it’s been a big week in dear old Sydney town.

I trust you are winning, especially with St Patricks day being yesterday, knowing that whether you are winning and losing, all is well as long as you are smiling and enjoying it!

Have a great weekend and let’s stand on the shoulders of this week, next Monday!

relaxed, reclining Mike

Want to find a balance between relaxed and being productive in your business? A good coach will help you do this. email me to find out how.

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