You don’t know what your clients really want. You are giving them what they used to want, not what they want now.

Your clients are now looking like complaints and problems that you don’t really want to deal with.

You have started complaining about your customers and see them as problems, instead of your opportunity to make money.


You and your staff are treating your clients badly, not listening with them and often in conflict with them.

Your clients are frustrated with being ignored and disregarded.  They are either actively looking for a new supplier or they are a prime target for your competitors to take them off you.


Turn it around.

Make your client the most important person in your business.

Find out what it is that they want then have a meeting with your staff to brainstorm how to deliver that result.  Encourage and listen to suggestions.

Design systems and processes that enable your front line staff to engage with and provide satisfaction for your clients.

Desired Outcome

Loyal, satisfied clients, referring friends and family to use your products and services.

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