It’s a been a big week here at the Exponentials Downunder and there’s been a number of insights along with the Growth Faculty coming to town with the Growth Summit – a collection of cutting edge speakers presenting to medium sized businesses in Sydney.

My big insight about how a coach listens came from ringing a coach, who I’d trained and mentored for some years and who has become a dear friend.

I thought I was having a normal conversation.  Suddenly, I was sharing things that were under the radar for me.  I was being more honest about my situation than I would normally be and I was having insights that were incredibly valuable to me.

I got off the phone and did some reflection.

Then it clicked.

He was coaching me!!!!

I rang him back and thanked him for his great work and he told me he was not doing anything special (- yeah right! ) it was just a conversation.

I forget this, but when you are talking to a coach, it’s usually a one way conversation that’s all about you and nothing about the coach.

Anyway, speaking of powerful conversations that are crucial, the inspiring Joseph Grenny, author of Crucial Conversations, Influencer,  Crucial Accountability and Change Anything was in town.

I’ve been on my best behaviour in the last couple of days knowing he is in Sydney.  I’ve been mindful of having the conversations I usually avoid, by some simple preparation, structuring the conversation so it moves forward.

Not only that Salim Ismail, founder of the Singularity University and the author of Exponential Organisations, the book I read in December 2015 that scared the bejeebers out of me and motivated me to digitally disrupt my business and set up Exponentials Downunder.

Knowing he is in town has had me looking over my digital shoulder searching for the unexpected threats lurking in trends  everywhere for my business.

I also discovered the amazing Frances Frei,  professor at Harvard and someone whose research uncovers some counter-intuitive information about customer Service.worth five minutes to check it out.

So it’s been a big week in dear old Sydney town.

I trust you are winning, especially with St Patricks day being yesterday, knowing that whether you are winning and losing, all is well as long as you are smiling and enjoying it!

Have a great weekend and let’s stand on the shoulders of this week, next Monday!

relaxed, reclining Mike

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