You aren’t being clear and straight about what you are really going for and where you are going. The Spice Girls are asking you: “Tell me what you want – tell me what you really, really want!”

The world wants to know what your vision is – where you are heading.


Sit with someone who gives you permission to be who you are.

Stop censoring yourself – talk about what you really, really want.

While you are being honest with yourself – quick!- set some goals!

Then, write a vision of what it will be like when you have achieved those goals – talk about it as if it’s already happened.  Write how you feel about it.

Then, read your vision and record it on your phone.  Be enthusiastic and dramatic when you read it.  Then listen to it three times a day for the next ninety days – Live into your future.

Get to know your way around your future.  Check out what’s missing right now and bring it into being.  In your business as well as your personal life.

Do whatever it takes to make your vision come true, every day in every way.


You will be unstoppable.

People will be wondering how come you have so much insight about what’s needed to make your goals happen.

They will see you as being articulate and able to describe down to the detail, your vision.

When obstacles come and push comes to shove, you won’t shrink away and do nothing to defend your vision.  Your vision has a life and that life is within you and you will defend that life with fire and passion.

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