You don’t even listen to your smartest asset in your business – You.

You are missing out on utilizing the power of your experience, your contacts, your knowledge and your intuition about your business and your market.

You don’t listen to your own brilliant ideas.


This generally happens because you are stressed out and overwhelmed by all the clutter, the extraneous and the unclear about where you are going in your business.

First, you set some inspiring goals that you absolutely love.

You then focus on achieving them.

You spend time with people who believe that you have everything you need in yourself to achieve your goals.  They see your genius, your great solutions and abilities.

Every time you reach a block or an obstacle, you ask yourself what’s the best way forward…and you trust that you will have the answer…and you listen for your response.

The Outcome:

The more you reach out to the unknown and discover your own genius, wisdom and courage, the more you get to trust these parts of yourself.

You start to develop trust, self respect and the courage to stand up to the challenges and obstacles in your life and business.

Your ideas suddenly become strategies, ways forward that you consider in your quest for success.

relaxed, reclining Mike

You know, life gets pretty relaxed and easy when you start trusting yourself. Find out about the relaxed, reclining and very smart you – email me.