You are playing small, trying to survive, trying to save pennies instead of leading and dominating your market niche, making the profits you have worked hard and smart for.

You have no vision, no destination, nothing to look forward to.


Find someone who believes in you, more than you currently do.

Trust that that someone is smart enough to realise that you can be stretched to achieve something that right now, you don’t believe is possible.

Set some audacious bold and inspiring goals.

Make an audacious, bold plans.

Hold yourself accountable to act decisively.


Working toward goals that you love and are inspired by, helps you trust in your ability to play and win in bigger games.

Sometimes you don’t even need to achieve the goal – the thrill of the chase as well as the self belief needed to set out and face the challenges of achieving the goals are a reward in themselves.

You will find yourself.

Not your small self, but your larger self.

You’ll realise that the most dangerous game in town is to play safe.

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C’mon out and play – you can’t do anything about the past or the future – there is only now and that’s why they call it the present! email me.