A vision is a short story about what it’s going to be like when you have achieved your goals.Vision 5

Written in present tense, using lots of emotive words that mean a lot to you, your vision has the potential to take you to a future you have designed, inspiring you to keep going, teaching you the details you need to take care of and reminding you of what’s really, really important to you.

For the last few years, I’ve been writing out my vision, then recording it on my phone with as much positive high energy, high tone voice as I can muster.  I then listen to that every day.

This has an amazing effect on my motivation, my positive expectations and the understandings I gain about what I need to do to make my vision come true.

But let my truth I’ve learned be known:

listening to your vision once a day, is never enough.

I once coached an amazing high energy guy who relentlessly pursued his goals every day and he told me he read and listened to his vision 10-15 times a day.  He had it on his phone and was actively brainwashing himself that he was achieving his goals every day.

The last ninety days for me, I’d be listening to my vision at least 4-8 times a day.

I never once read my vision.  I’m hooked on the audio.  It’sHeadphones easy, convenient, my recording pumps out the same level of passion and energy, every time, no matter what I’m feeling.  It works for me.

My overall attitude and the amount of action I’ve pumped into my goals is awesome.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • The first time I listen to my vision, my “Critical Voice” has a field day – “that won’t happen!”, “You can’t do that!!”,  “You’re not good enough!!!”…and a whole lot more is thrown at my vision as my Critical Voice desperately tries to pull me off track.Headphones 2
  • The second time I listen to my vision, I start to get excited. I can see the possibility of it happening.  My Critical Voice has stopped talking.  I start hearing, like it was for the first time, the cool things I’m creating.  I fall in love with my goals again.  I take the emotions on my recording seriously.  It’s a completely different listening.  The first time I listen, is a struggle with my Critical Voice, the second time, I actually hear and appreciate my vision.
  • The third and any other time I listen to my vision, is HEadphones 1all about  pure enjoyment and appreciation of my strongly desired future. I hear things freshly.  I get reminded of details, I need to get right in my day.  I have insights about things I need to create in order to have the vision come true.
  • Four listening’s of my vision pumps me up. It has a noticeable and very positive effect upon my day.

I trust you are inspired to write and tape your inspiring vision after reading this.  You’ll find some help to do that here.

I also trust that if you have written and recorded your vision, that you, at the very least, read or listen to it at least twice.  That way you break the power of your Critical Voice to dominate your life.

Once you do that, you’ll have so much fun doing it, that it’ll be easy to listen to it a few more times.

It’s gotta be good for you!

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