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Month: April 2016

John Chambers of Cisco: The Digital Age

The new skills of business are all about playing a new game,  often making up the rules as you go along: Do something | Test and measure | innovate | Do something |Test and measure | Innovate…. have a look:

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Realising what’s important

It’s been a big tough six months for me, an emotional and business roller coaster that’s taught me lots about disappointment, success and what it takes to succeed.Bill Campbell 5

Reflecting upon Bill Campbell’s passing last week (a great oak tree has fallen in the business coaching forest),  I can see the essence of the lessons that this brilliant coach shared with his clients and mentees:

  • Teamwork,
  • Structure,
  • Integrity,Bill Campbell 3
  • Accountability,
  • Passion,
  • Hard work,
  • Empathy,
  • Love,
  • …and Communication

Thanks for that Bill.

Not only that, in the work he did with the pioneering founders of Bill Campbell 2technology driven entrepreneurial companies, where there were no text book case studies or proven methodologies to guide people from.

Nobody had the magic formula.

You just had to take a risk, try something out, test and measure it, adjust and innovate, test and measure, adjust and innovate.

People like Bill encouraged their clients to make as many mistakes as possible and quickly learn from them, adjusting their strategies and actions, moving constantly forward.

Old school measures your success on the way you comply with the old ways of doing things and following the road map.

New school is all about throwing your hat over the wall and working hard to find a pathway to make it happen.  There is no road map.

There’s been some good lessons from all of this for me.

In the wild west of the coaching forest, it’s full of cowboys and loose cannons shooting fairy dust.  A giant and great oak tree has fallen in this forest.  It’s legacy shows us all the way to play a great hand in our work.

I aspire to walk in Bill’s footsteps and stretch myself to fill his shoes in my part of the coaching forest.

Portrait 3

Phew! That’s big! Do you want to work with someone like this? Email me if you do.

Bill Campbell Laid to Rest

Bill Campbell, legendary coach, his work lives on even though he was laid to rest yesterday.

Not only was he the coach of Silicon Valley, coaching great leaders like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page, he was also Bill Campbell 4a operating football coach.

Famous for his straight talking as well as his colourful language, Bill is the gold standard for business coaches to aspire to.

A great listener and a person who instantly instilled trust, communicating to the person he was with that his only interest was them. His mentee Ben Horowitz says: “In Silicon Valley, five thousand people think Bill is their best friend. Whenever I struggled with life, Bill was the person that I called. I didn’t call him because he would have the answer to some impossible question. I called him because he would understand what I was feeling 100%.”

Because leaders and founders trusted Campbell—his empathy, experience, and discretion—they sought his counsel.

Because he was their biggest fan, they adored him.

Even when Steve Jobs declared war on Google, after it launched a competitor to the iPhone, Campbell continued to separately advise both Apple and Google.

Campbell had executive experience and technical skills that went far beyond being a sharp questioner and an empathetic listener.

Bill is the unseen hero, who has supported leaders to do great things and seize their destiny and success.

Rest in peace Bill.


The Weight of Grief on you…

Grief     Yep – grief has this feeling of weight.

And it’s so easy to forget when you are grieving.





The problem with that, is that your thinking is heavy, slow and impaired.Grief 3

The stress response is often only defined as Flight or Flight – the muscles are fGrief 2illed with blood to enable these two primal responses to danger.

We often forget the third primal response to  danger: Freeze!

So you may have just heard it here, but we have Flight, Fight and Freeze as our stress response…which probably explains the phenomena of depression and procrastination.

Greif 6

These images are here to jolt you, to remind you of what’s in the background for you.

Your best line of thought is clarity.  Being aware of your current state is critical.

If you are grieving, grieve.

At least admit you are grieving.

Then you have a fighting chance of thinking clearly.

relaxed, reclining Mike

Wanna think your way through your current situation and fight your way to your strongly desired outcomes? Let me know.

Business is really a tough game.

In 2009, I surveyed my clients with a questionnaire.

I was completely surprised by the result.

Out of the 46 who replied, all of them answered one of the questions the same way.

The question was:

“What were you doing before you decided to get a business coach?”

They all answered the same:

“I was standing at the edge of the cliff.”

…and three of them added:

“I was getting ready to jump off.”

On reflection, my surprise came from how quickly my clients had turned themselves around from such a dark and tortured place.  All I remembered about my clients was their courage, focus and the amazing results that they created out of that.

I’d forgotten the state they came in with.

Business can be brutal.

The stress that gets created by the  pressure of mortgages, financial obligations and family responsibilities can really stop you thinking clearly.

In 2009, I knew I’d helped stop at least three people from suicide.

I’d helped the other 43 turn, with these three and do whatever it took to make their businesses profitable and their lives live-able.

In fact, all of my clients fell back in love with their businesses and their lives.

So, if you know of someone in business who is standing at the edge of their cliff,  who is not able to think their way through their business problems, who are stressed out and overwhelmed, you should either let them know…or let me know.

You might just be the person who turns them around.

Portrait 3

You know, no-one can think properly when they are stressed-out and overwhelmed. email me to get some relief and clarity, moving forward.

The Crazy Cycle: Key to Communication in your business and personal life!

Men and women need to communicate with each other,  in  whatever enterprise they are engaged in.

However there are certain times when men feel like they are not being given respect and when women feel like they are not being loved, that communication becomes blocked and turns into conflict of some degree.

The Crazy cycle (coined by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs), describes this within the context of a couple in a marriage.

However, this concept can help you understand any relationship between you and the opposite sex where the communication has moved into conflict.


Without love, your wife will react without respect. Without respect, your husband will react without love. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs explains how couples find themselves on this crazy cycle!


Many couples spend most of their time on the Crazy Cycle, which is summed up like this:

Without love, she reacts without respect.

Without respect, he reacts without love.Woman feeling unloved

The Crazy Cycle triggers and fuels itself.

When a wife feels unloved, she tends to react in ways that feel disrespectful to her husband. When a husband feels disrespected, he tends to react in ways that feel unloving to his wife.

The more a man Man building a wallfeels disrespected, he builds a wall around himself.

When a woman feels a man is hiding behind a wall,  she feels even less loved and becomes more disrespectful

And around and around they go on the Crazy Cycle.  The man’s wall gets higher and the woman’s frustration and fury grows

The Crazy Cycle is easy to learn and remember:

Without love, she reacts; without respect, he reacts

Here is great news:

When a husband chooses to come across lovingly even though he feels disrespected, he can prevent the Crazy Cycle from spinning out of control.

When a wife chooses to come across respectfully even though she feels unloved, she can stop or slow the Crazy Cycle, as well.

On the other hand, life gets insane when a husband says to himself, “I’m not going to love that woman until she starts showing me some respect! I’ll not talk to her!”

Likewise, madness reigns when a wife says to herself, “I’m not going to respect that man until he earns my respect and starts loving me the way he should. I’ll teach him!”

We may feel justified in saying these things to ourselves, but the only result will be endless spinning on the Crazy Cycle!

However, there is more good news!

The wife is not trying to be disrespectful; she is reacting because she needs to feel her husband’s love for her. And the husband is not trying to be unloving; he is reacting because he needs to feel his wife’s respectful approach to him.

When the need for love and respect is met, a spouse is energized.

The key to motivating another person is meeting that person’s deepest need, especially during conflict.

Think about that, when you find yourself being unepectedly being drawn into conflict.

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Sometimes you have to look at what is behind the communications you are receiving. A master communicator dances with whatever comes, learning every day. email me

There’s some things you need to know about what’s coming

Exponential growth in technology over the last 100 years means we are about to hit a tsunami of disruption, generated by the advances in technology.

You should be aware of these recent events:

  • Robotics:  Amazon’s fully robotic warehouses

  • Amazon’s drone facilities

Hey – all of these things are in place, happening right now.

How is this going to affect our society and economy?

How is this going to affect your business?

Let me know.

Portrait 3

There’s going to be chaos in our world very shortly as the implications of technology hits us in the areas of employment, what we can charge for our services and what we can do to move forward. You probably need a coach to help you think through all of this. email me.

How to distract yourself from being distracted

You ask yourself a question that raises your awareness of your current performance.

This distracts your ego from trying to improve your performance consciously.  It just can’t believe you are focusing on your own current performance.  It just stands there with it’s jaw dropped.

In the case study of the tennis player who is not hitting the ball in the Sweet spot 2“sweet spot” of the racket, a traditional sports coach would be analysing the players placement in regards to the ball at the time of the swing, coaching the player to change their technique of placement.

The Inner Game coach would ask the player: “I’ll hit a ball to you and I want you to tell me Tim Gallweywhere the ball hits your racket.”

“You mean you want me to tell you when I hit the sweet spot?” asks the player.

“No, I just want you to concentrate on telling me where the ball actually hits your racket.”


Ball comes: “on the bottom half”, Ball comes: “Top half”, Ball comes: “On the left center”, Ball comes: “Centre”, Ball comes: “Centre” Ball comes: “Centre” Ball comes: “Centre”

The player’s “Being” intelligence, sorts it out, without technique, without conscious effort, while the ego is confounded, out of your game.

How much of your performance is being subverted and limited by your inner ego’s domination  of your game?

relaxed, reclining Mike

Who is running your life anyhow? Would you really put yourself through all of this…if you had the choice? Find out by emailing me.

How the Inner Game of Golf influences us

Back in the 1970’s Timothy Gallwey wrote a book that revolutionised    sports coaching called the Inner Game of THe inner game of golfGolf.

In the 1980’s and 90’s Timothy found himself coaching more business and political leaders than sports athletes and he pretty much founded the executive, business and life coaching industries.

His approach focuses on raising your awareness of whatever task you are performing, trusting on the Socratic principle that “All the answers to any problem we have lies within.  The trick is how to unlock those answers.”The inner games

At the heart of the Inner Game methodology are three principles:

  1. Non-judgemental awareness
  2. Trust in one’s self
  3. The exercise of free choice

People can learn to overcome their own obstacles, in the process of life itself.  The individual possesses intelligence beyond our “Ego” that self-corrects and learns how to perform with excellence.Timothy Gallwey

He describes our ego as being like having a teenager in our head, who has read a couple of books and thinks they know everything.  This ego is like a 10c computer trying to dominate and teach “your being”, which is like a billiion dollar computer, how to do things.

He says our ego loves “How To’s” and techniques.  This is how traditional golf coaches used to coach.  You’d learn the “Classic” technique for your swing – and it would be the same for everyone.

Timothy states that everyone has a unique swing of our own, that we have developed on our own.  He sees the process of learning as accelerated by raising the learner’s awareness of what they are doing.

This is not just about golf, Ladies and Gentlemen.

He inspires not only me, but another pioneer of the executive coaching field, racing driver turned performance consultant expert;  Sir John Sir John WhitmoreWhitmore who wrote:

“In every human endeavor there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the inner. The outer game is played on an external arena to overcome external obstacles to reach an external goal.

The inner game takes place within the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions.

The inner game is played to overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential”

Hey don’t get me started – I love this stuff!

My intention in this post is to inform you of some of the basic principles that are enabling us to perform at completely different levels than we previously imagined. 

This is indeed part of the current Human Species evolution.

relaxed, reclining Mike

You probably don’t need to know the incredible history of the coaching process – the true test of the pudding is in the eating of it. Have a taste – email me.