You ask yourself a question that raises your awareness of your current performance.

This distracts your ego from trying to improve your performance consciously.¬† It just can’t believe you are focusing on your own current performance.¬† It just stands there with it’s jaw dropped.

In the case study of the tennis player who is not hitting the ball in the Sweet spot 2“sweet spot” of the racket, a traditional sports coach would be analysing the players placement in regards to the ball at the time of the swing, coaching the player to change their technique of placement.

The Inner Game coach would ask the player: “I’ll hit a ball to you and I want you to tell me Tim Gallweywhere the ball hits your racket.”

“You mean you want me to tell you when I hit the sweet spot?” asks the player.

“No, I just want you to concentrate on telling me where the ball actually hits your racket.”


Ball comes: “on the bottom half”, Ball comes: “Top half”, Ball comes: “On the left center”, Ball comes: “Centre”, Ball comes: “Centre” Ball comes: “Centre” Ball comes: “Centre”

The player’s “Being” intelligence, sorts it out, without technique, without conscious effort, while the ego is confounded, out of your game.

How much of your performance is being subverted and limited by your inner ego’s domination¬† of your game?

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