In 2009, I surveyed my clients with a questionnaire.

I was completely surprised by the result.

Out of the 46 who replied, all of them answered one of the questions the same way.

The question was:

“What were you doing before you decided to get a business coach?”

They all answered the same:

“I was standing at the edge of the cliff.”

…and three of them added:

“I was getting ready to jump off.”

On reflection, my surprise came from how quickly my clients had turned themselves around from such a dark and tortured place.  All I remembered about my clients was their courage, focus and the amazing results that they created out of that.

I’d forgotten the state they came in with.

Business can be brutal.

The stress that gets created by the  pressure of mortgages, financial obligations and family responsibilities can really stop you thinking clearly.

In 2009, I knew I’d helped stop at least three people from suicide.

I’d helped the other 43 turn, with these three and do whatever it took to make their businesses profitable and their lives live-able.

In fact, all of my clients fell back in love with their businesses and their lives.

So, if you know of someone in business who is standing at the edge of their cliff,  who is not able to think their way through their business problems, who are stressed out and overwhelmed, you should either let them know…or let me know.

You might just be the person who turns them around.

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You know, no-one can think properly when they are stressed-out and overwhelmed. email me to get some relief and clarity, moving forward.