Grief     Yep – grief has this feeling of weight.

And it’s so easy to forget when you are grieving.





The problem with that, is that your thinking is heavy, slow and impaired.Grief 3

The stress response is often only defined as Flight or Flight – the muscles are fGrief 2illed with blood to enable these two primal responses to danger.

We often forget the third primal response to  danger: Freeze!

So you may have just heard it here, but we have Flight, Fight and Freeze as our stress response…which probably explains the phenomena of depression and procrastination.

Greif 6

These images are here to jolt you, to remind you of what’s in the background for you.

Your best line of thought is clarity.  Being aware of your current state is critical.

If you are grieving, grieve.

At least admit you are grieving.

Then you have a fighting chance of thinking clearly.

relaxed, reclining Mike

Wanna think your way through your current situation and fight your way to your strongly desired outcomes? Let me know.