Bill Campbell, legendary coach, his work lives on even though he was laid to rest yesterday.

Not only was he the coach of Silicon Valley, coaching great leaders like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page, he was also Bill Campbell 4a operating football coach.

Famous for his straight talking as well as his colourful language, Bill is the gold standard for business coaches to aspire to.

A great listener and a person who instantly instilled trust, communicating to the person he was with that his only interest was them. His mentee Ben Horowitz says: “In Silicon Valley, five thousand people think Bill is their best friend. Whenever I struggled with life, Bill was the person that I called. I didn’t call him because he would have the answer to some impossible question. I called him because he would understand what I was feeling 100%.”

Because leaders and founders trusted Campbell—his empathy, experience, and discretion—they sought his counsel.

Because he was their biggest fan, they adored him.

Even when Steve Jobs declared war on Google, after it launched a competitor to the iPhone, Campbell continued to separately advise both Apple and Google.

Campbell had executive experience and technical skills that went far beyond being a sharp questioner and an empathetic listener.

Bill is the unseen hero, who has supported leaders to do great things and seize their destiny and success.

Rest in peace Bill.