It’s been a big tough six months for me, an emotional and business roller coaster that’s taught me lots about disappointment, success and what it takes to succeed.Bill Campbell 5

Reflecting upon Bill Campbell’s passing last week (a great oak tree has fallen in the business coaching forest),  I can see the essence of the lessons that this brilliant coach shared with his clients and mentees:

  • Teamwork,
  • Structure,
  • Integrity,Bill Campbell 3
  • Accountability,
  • Passion,
  • Hard work,
  • Empathy,
  • Love,
  • …and Communication

Thanks for that Bill.

Not only that, in the work he did with the pioneering founders of Bill Campbell 2technology driven entrepreneurial companies, where there were no text book case studies or proven methodologies to guide people from.

Nobody had the magic formula.

You just had to take a risk, try something out, test and measure it, adjust and innovate, test and measure, adjust and innovate.

People like Bill encouraged their clients to make as many mistakes as possible and quickly learn from them, adjusting their strategies and actions, moving constantly forward.

Old school measures your success on the way you comply with the old ways of doing things and following the road map.

New school is all about throwing your hat over the wall and working hard to find a pathway to make it happen.  There is no road map.

There’s been some good lessons from all of this for me.

In the wild west of the coaching forest, it’s full of cowboys and loose cannons shooting fairy dust.  A giant and great oak tree has fallen in this forest.  It’s legacy shows us all the way to play a great hand in our work.

I aspire to walk in Bill’s footsteps and stretch myself to fill his shoes in my part of the coaching forest.

Portrait 3

Phew! That’s big! Do you want to work with someone like this? Email me if you do.