You know, there are some people who really make a difference in your life.

Two of these in my life, have passed away.

KevinFirstly, my mentor and friend for many years, Kevin Lohan passed away last November.  He keeps making a difference in my life and my business.  Every time I hit an obstacle, I ask the question, “What would Kevin be thinking right now?”  He was a master of unraveling puzzles and he always encouraged me to think outside of my little box.

Bill Campbell 5Bill Campbell passed away last month.  He was an amazing coach with extensive CEO and Director experience who coached anyone who had a pulse in Silicon Valley.   After a while, he stopped charging for his services, saying: “Silicon Valley was good to me.”  He shows me every day, how it’s my humility,  intuition and willingness to tell the truth at the right time that takes me into the realm of being a great coach.

The reality of death is a great motivator.

However, it’s amazing the legacy that some people leave after they die.

Who is it for you, that gives you strength, doorways to new possibility and inspiration who has passed away.

It’s good to remember the people whose shoulders you stand upon.