The human and the being are two separate parts of who you are.

Your human was born to a family, a community and a education system whose values you accepted and adopted as your own.  Your human’s agenda is simple: food, shelter, security and  some fun will satisfy most humans.

Your being is different.  It has come here for a reason.  There’s something it has come here to achieve.  It’s where all of your freedom, creativity, wisdom and courage comes from.  It’s agenda is to serve what it has come here to do.  Food, shelter, security and fun are none of it’s concern.

Sometimes your human tries to serve only it’s needs at the costs of the being’s agenda.  These are the humans who live half lives, absent from fulfillment, satisfaction and joy.

Sometimes your human gets dragged, kicking and screaming by your being, risking all for a daring adventure with no guarantee of success, reward…or even sometimes; survival.

You see, the reasonable person, adapts themselves to their circumstances.

The unreasonable person, adapts their circumstances to them.

The world needs more unreasonable people.

You see, comfort is over-rated.

Also, comfort and growth don’t co-exist.

If you stay comfortable too long, like water that doesn’t flow, you will stagnate.

I am coaching a coach who has a business owner who is 68, who has just decided to double his business in two years.  He doesn’t need to.  He wants to.

He also has another business owner, at age 84, who is on track to double his company turnover in four years.  Same story.

You know, Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream.

His dream had him.

I am of the opinion, that people who are actively chasing a dream that inspires them,

Are energised by that dream, sustained and inspired by that dream,

Ever-growing, ever learning, ever re-inventing themselves,

Way beyond and faster than humans who cling to safety, security and the known.

These are the people who inspire me.

These are the people I get to coach.

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