Stressed out brainStress and overwhelm steals your blood supply from your brain and directs it to the parts of your body that help you run faster, hit harder or freeze stiller.

It’s not just your blood flow that’s effected.  Your stress hormones, the most famous being adrenaline, floods your body and brain.

stress 2Thinking clearly is definitely impaired.  If you have been stressed out and overwhelmed for a long period, you haven’t taken a holiday for a long time or if you have a number of personal and business incidents and concerns you aren’t dealing with well, then your thinking will definitely be in the knee jerk category.

When you realise this and take responsibility for your own stress and overwhelm, you set up some simple regular practices such as:

  • This will help you work off the build-up of stress in your body and help you rehabilitate your on/off stress switch.
  • Yoga, meditation, long baths – whatever relaxes you – do it regularily.  This helps you build a bank of calmness for you to draw upon.
  • Both personal and business reflection.  You need to be reflecting on your business goals on a weekly basis.  Having an end of week process to debrief your achievements, learning and progress really helps you stay focused and effective in the moment.  Having a friend or a mentor for your personal issues reflection makes a big difference if you do a weekly catch up.
  • Business meeting with yourself, at least fortnightly, to track your progress against your quarterly business goals allows you to respond to opportunities and risks and deal with them in the course of your fortnight.

These practices build up a bank of personal capacity that allows you to think clearly and resourcefully.

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