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Month: June 2016

Help Kids Thrive – Coach their Parents!

Last Sunday the NY Times reported on a study that has tracked 129 families for 30 years.

Divided into three groups in 1986, the first received one-hour of coaching per week encouraging the parents to play with their children; the second received a kilogram of milk-based nutritional supplement each week; and the third nothing. It lasted two years, but the children have been tracked ever since.

Notes the article:

The children whose parents were counseled to play more with them did better, throughout childhood, on tests of I.Q., aggressive behavior and self-control. Today, as adults, they earn an average of 25 percent more per year than the subjects whose parents didn’t receive home visits.

Rosie and I have had lots of mentors and support for our boy Ted and thank you all for your support!

Stressed-out and Overwhelmed – You just can’t Think Clearly!

In 2009, I asked my clients to fill out a survey questionnaire.

43 of them obliged me and when their results came in I was flabbergasted.

All of them answered one of the questions with the same answer.

The question was a simple: “What were you doing before you decided to take us on as your coach?”

Standing on the edge of the cliffTheir answer for all of them started with: “I was standing on the edge of the cliff…” and three of them said: “I was getting ready to jump.”

At that pHelpoint, I had to admit that most of my clients were in a pretty stressed out and overwhelmed place when they first started working with me.

I’d always forget that, because their progress, moving forward, was so rapid.

You see, my clients improved their business thinking for the simple reason that they were able to concentrate on what was at hand, without their attention being swept away by pressing business problems, conflicts and anxieties.

By us helping them to change their environment and their planning habits in their business made it easier for them to focus and deal with what’s important.

You just can’t function intellectually when you are caught up in stress and overwhelm.  Your decisions become knee-jerk emotional responses instead of coming out of focused aligned and intentional thinking.

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