Most of the people who read my posts are entrepreneurs or at the very least, are entrepreneurial in their attitude towards work.

And that’s why I’m writing to you.

You see, most of us know what it’s like, swimming in the Red Ocean – you know, the market place where everyone is fighting for market share of a limited market – and you guessed it – it’s called “Red Ocean” because of all the blood shed in the water, from fighting for that market share.

(Of course this is intimately tied up with Digital Disruption, where our competitors can swiftly gain an uncontestable advantage through using technology and the internet.)

Now let’s explore a concept called Blue Ocean.  

Think back to before the iPhone was launched.

You used phones to make calls, text and take photos.

The traditional red ocean was in full blast with Nokia, Motorola and Kyocera were some of the big players of the time hammering and tonging it out to gain market dominance.

Apple changed everything by linking it’s phone with it’s iOS system and created a blue ocean, a market place where there was no competitors, and that would give Apple 3-4 years for their competition to catch up with what they were doing, giving them the opportunity to dominate the market and establish the amazing marketing bonding Apple is so famous for.

CIrc de Soleil created it’s own Blue Ocean at a time when circuses and musicals were struggling to get the crowds in.  They created a whole new category of entertainment where there were no competitors.

SouthWest Airlines created a Blue Ocean when they announced they were going to make air travel as affordable and convenient as bus travel.  They measure their profitability totally different to all the other airlines and they are the only one’s doing it.

So how do you create your Blue Ocean?

Making the effort to understand your customer’s needs and wants by drilling down into data is a good way to start your process.

Check out the Blue Ocean Website and read the book to work their excellent process that helps you think through and create your own Blue Ocean.

Jump in, the blue water is wonderful!