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Month: October 2016

The Person who Asks the Question…has the Power.

It’s stunning how it works.a-question

You ask a question…and people are compelled to answer it.

Even if their guard is up, as mine was when I was being interviewed by an ABC reporter,

She engaged me emotionally and the interview went her way from that point on…

What I wanted to say, was never heard…or shown.

Just the my answer to her question, which is exactly where she wanted me to go.

You ask a question and you interrupt all manner of hallowed, mostly unchallenged processes,

Such as:

Job interviews…question-4

Meetings of all levels…

Sales processes…

Every-day, garden varieties of conversations…

Crucial conversations

So, may I ask you a question?question-3

Thank you.

What is the specific reason you  want to know about the power of a question?

I’d love to know.

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The One-Way Relationship of the Servant Leader

It’s the trump card every servant leader, coach or consultant has,

It’s the thing that brings out the Best from your clients, your staff and your colleagues.

It’s the thing that makes the difference,

…and its the thing that servant leaders, coaches and consultants have in common with artists,

It’s adding that thing called care.

Not just careful, but caring passionately and fully,

Without any expectation of return or reward.

It’s the fruit of the one-way relationship,

It’s the thing that’s missing with the paycheck mentality,

It’s also makes for a lousy business model, if you don’t manage it carefully,

Drawing the line between the one-way relationship and friendship,

Because, with one, you never cash in your chips,

You never expect a return;

That’s what comes with a two way relationship,

The right to expect something back…

So, if you want to have the high performance outcomes…

Of the servant leader/coach/consultant/artist…

Draw the line, maintain the boundaries and continue to give unconditionally,

Otherwise, prepare for the disappointment, embarrassment and pain of discovering,

You have indeed been playing the one-way relationship game.


Lessons from Bill Campbell

I admit, Bill Campbell is my poster boy coach…Bill Campbell 4

He kept things simple,

…and after a while, he stopped charging,

even though his clients were the big boys of Silicon Valley,

This guy was so amazing, he coached with his being,

He didn’t espouse technique, or complicated structure,

Instead, he opened a bar, where he could talk with his mentees,

He walked with Steve Jobs and met informally with many others,

The Giants of their era, the entrepreneurs of their generation…

And that’s what it’s really all about...acts of selfless love and kindness,

Not a paycheck guy,

Gentle wisdom seeping like osmosis, through every contact, every conversation…

…every meeting, not because of technique,

…but because it could, through the generosity of his listening,

the power of his intention, the mastery of his craft, never self conscious,

never directing, out of his ego, a force of nature, a tool of the Divine,

The guy was amazing…and he never claimed to be.

If you asked him what he did, he honestly didn’t know,

…and if he did figure it all out, that would be the booby prize,

Valued above all by the pundits,empty-shell

But to the masters; an empty shell


You are The Magic – Just Add You!

There’s a part of you, that lights people up,

That inspires, that motivates,

That’s a catalyst some people have been waiting a lifetime for,

There’s part of you that’s beyond the usual signs and symbols of success,

That is absolutely magic – like a tasty instant soup: just add you!

A wealth un-imagined, intangible, impossible to explain.

But the only thing…you just have to get out of it’s way

It’s not what you think it is, it doesn’t conform to any rules, scriptures or manual…

The minute you try to control it…it’s gone, flown away, somewhere else, away from you…

In your business, that part lives in your vision, your intentions and your values…

The magic of you can light up your business if you plant the seeds, set up the structures,

Build it and they will come, hold the unlit lamp to the sky and the flame will appear…

….you just gotta trust it.

Moving from Doing to Being

You know what it’s like.

You’re in the forest, pushing down trees, pushing down trees.in-the-forest

Scoring points, reaching goals,

Getting recognised, being rewarded,

…in the forest, pushing down trees, pushing down trees.

It all becomes a bit meaningless after a while,

You find yourself asking yourself: “…is that all there is?”

That’s why amazing business leaders create amazing businesses…

…that have clear visions,  values and BHAGs.

Because, if all your life is about doing,

If your only measure of success is the dollars you make,

Then you will drown, you will drown in the excrement of your success.

That’s why you create the meaning, the vision and the values

…all intangible, impossible to justify, swimming against the tide…

You set off feeling like you have one hand tied behind your back…

…and then all manner of miracles begin to occur, your blood flows back to  your soul…

…you start to feel alive again…compassion, love and self-respect return…

Light returns to your life.

It’s not about you…it never has been.

You just got caught up in it all, forgetting what is real,

…in the forest, pushing down trees,

in the forest, pushing down trees…

…asking yourself: “is that all there is?”