I admit, Bill Campbell is my poster boy coach…Bill Campbell 4

He kept things simple,

…and after a while, he stopped charging,

even though his clients were the big boys of Silicon Valley,

This guy was so amazing, he coached with his being,

He didn’t espouse technique, or complicated structure,

Instead, he opened a bar, where he could talk with his mentees,

He walked with Steve Jobs and met informally with many others,

The Giants of their era, the entrepreneurs of their generation…

And that’s what it’s really all about...acts of selfless love and kindness,

Not a paycheck guy,

Gentle wisdom seeping like osmosis, through every contact, every conversation…

…every meeting, not because of technique,

…but because it could, through the generosity of his listening,

the power of his intention, the mastery of his craft, never self conscious,

never directing, out of his ego, a force of nature, a tool of the Divine,

The guy was amazing…and he never claimed to be.

If you asked him what he did, he honestly didn’t know,

…and if he did figure it all out, that would be the booby prize,

Valued above all by the pundits,empty-shell

But to the masters; an empty shell