It’s the trump card every servant leader, coach or consultant has,

It’s the thing that brings out the Best from your clients, your staff and your colleagues.

It’s the thing that makes the difference,

…and its the thing that servant leaders, coaches and consultants have in common with artists,

It’s adding that thing called care.

Not just careful, but caring passionately and fully,

Without any expectation of return or reward.

It’s the fruit of the one-way relationship,

It’s the thing that’s missing with the paycheck mentality,

It’s also makes for a lousy business model, if you don’t manage it carefully,

Drawing the line between the one-way relationship and friendship,

Because, with one, you never cash in your chips,

You never expect a return;

That’s what comes with a two way relationship,

The right to expect something back…

So, if you want to have the high performance outcomes…

Of the servant leader/coach/consultant/artist…

Draw the line, maintain the boundaries and continue to give unconditionally,

Otherwise, prepare for the disappointment, embarrassment and pain of discovering,

You have indeed been playing the one-way relationship game.