An acknowledgement is a simple gift of the truth to another person.  It is given freely, without expectation of return, to another human being.


Different to a compliment, which always has hooks, an agenda to get the listener to like the giver or to give some sort of preference or something in return.  You sometimes feel when someone compliments you: “What do you want from me?”


When you acknowledge someone, you do so from three sources: Firstly from what they have acknowledged themselves for…secondly from what you know of them and thirdly from something that pops up inside of you – your intuition.


This is a culturally contradictory thing to do.  Most people in our culture go through their whole lives without ever being acknowledged.  In fact, our society has set up only one day where everyone stands around you and acknowledges you for who you are, what you do and the difference you make.


…and on that day, it’s too late.  You can’t hear them anymore.


When I was 21, I made a promise to myself that I would acknowledge everyone that came my way.


It’s been a long time since then, my life was deeply influenced by this practice. I’ve touched all the important people in my life – they all know where they stand with me.


Not only that, countless strangers, work colleagues, friends, acquaintances – everyone I have met, have been given a gift from me.  I know some of them have never forgotten that gift.