We are passionate about leading leaders to clarity.  We exist to lead and support leaders to create sustainable inspiring futures in business and enterprises.

We are contributing to creating an extraordinary, transformed, sustainable and inspiring world.

The world is a better place because we help humans focus on the important stuff, challenging them to rise up from the mundane and unquestioned state of being human.  We awaken the “Being” in the human being.

We will be missed when we disappear, but our work will continue and grow in the seeds we have planted in our clients and the people they influence.  Our work will go on.

We are a family business who help business owners standing at the top of the cliff turn around and build the business and the life that they love.
We help business owners unlock the clarity of their thinking, the hidden value in their business,  and their focus from the overwhelming detail of growing a business.

Mike Kenned is the founding partner at Exponentials Downunder, having previously served as a founding partner and master coach with Advancing Businesses New Zealand.

He introduced quality competency based coach training to New Zealand by setting up and establishing Results Life Coaching there, building links with the International Coach Federation.

He collaborated with a New Zealand  business coaching company called Results in Business to establish a coaching curriculum and culture as well as training and mentoring 36 business coaches nationally.

He has coached leaders in business in seven countries; Australia, New Zealand, England, US, Canada, France and Cambodia.

He is a qualified coach and mentor and founder of a resource site called “The Motivation Clinic.”

Previous to this Mike served as a trainer and facilitator to companies in Australia and New Zealand.

He is a qualified trainer and assessor and is a supporter and advocate for Enterprise Learning and coaching in helping people thrive in the challenging and constantly changing business environment.

Mike is a keen cyclist and loves sports psychology, especially “The Inner Game” series by Tim Gallwey.

His wife Rose is a sports coach and avid netball fan and his Downes Syndrome son Ted works in the business as a camera man as well as being Mike’s teacher.

Our coaching and training business has been going for the last 18 years, operating in Australia and New Zealand supporting businesses and business owners, to grow and prosper.

This year, 2016, we are offering Exponentials Down Under as a special service aimed at supporting 30 businesses to grow exponentially and dominate their niche.  (The bus is leaving on the 15 November 2016, secure your seat now on the bus!)

As coaches, we are developing and moving up to a new level of coaching. This year we are entering an international coaching community, being trained and coached by Gazelles International Coaches on the way to certification next year.

We are the Kennedys

Mike and Rose Kennedy have been married for 20 years and are a dynamic team supporting businesses to learn and grow through their coaching services and learning events.  They always make a difference.

Colleen Kennedy, Mike’s sister, is an extraordinary coach who has recently returned from two years of adventure and challenges, building a not for profit orphanage for special needs children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Ted Kennedy, Rose and Mike’s son, has had a lifetime passion for videoing and is taking his place in the family business as the resident  videographer.


“I worked with Mike during a time I was experiencing turmoil and change in my business and personal life.

Mike’s listening is profound.  I always “heard myself” whenever I shared what was going on for me, which always had the effect of quieting the emotion driving that share.

This enabled me to start to think clearly about my situation.  I began to be able to make strategies that I could follow up in my business.  I also became able to make decisions that I trusted myself to put into action.

He helped me fight my way out of my situation and create a new business model, that I did the hard thinking to create.  He helped me think my way forward.

If you are looking for a business coach who can also help you through your emotional blockages, I’d recommend Mike as a skilled and compassionate catalyst of your best business thinking, moving you and your business forward.”

Jacqui Edwards Damask Bed Linen

“My Furniture business was going through a major transition as my major outlet, a large Antique Centre, housing about 30 businesses, was sold and we all had to move out in 12 weeks..

Mike helped me create solid goals, look at the big picture, make a comprehensive plan and then work methodically through that plan. My weekly sessions helped me stay focused and calm as I had clear direction and clarity whilst all around me there was panic, knowing what actions I needed to take every day was imperative to my success under difficult circumstances.

Mike worked with me diligently and together we designed productive and creative solutions and actions during our sessions.  I was able to address the multitude of issues and transactions involved in the transition of my business which included protecting the value of my assets and taking care of complicated financials.  

My investment with Mike helped me to exit my business premises with clarity, efficiency and a sense of personal power.  He helped me bring my best game and I left having handled a mountain of details and ready to start new projects.

Mike doesn’t just listen – he works with you to produce the best possible outcome

Mike doesn’t just listen to your business problems, he also deals with any other issues that may be impacting on your life.  My daughter was going through a difficult time during the same period and Mike helped me compassionately navigate my way through that as well.

I highly recommend Mike to any business owner who wants to be the master of their own destiny.”

Lyn Doolan, Harford & Doolan Antiques Pty Ltd

“Lots of people know how to listen, but you really hear whatever I say and you say it back to me in a way I never heard it before.”

Noelle Hill Wheelchair Entrepreneurs Sydney

“That was a brilliant bit of coaching to get me from being annoyed to seeing my passion.  You totally nailed it..  I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself, it’s so obvious.”

Anita Alexander, Psychologist, Sydney.

“Thanks Mike for keeping patiently on my case.  Now I feel i have found what I always wanted and needed in life, but never knew existed.” 

Mike Wood, Chartered Accountant, Manchester England.

“What have you done to me Mike?  Life has not felt this awesome for a really long time.” 

Vanessa Business owner Sydney

“I can’t recommend Mike Kennedy highly enough…full of good content, lots  of gusto, positive enthusiasm and well thought out strategies..all with a hands on approach, borne out of his personal experiences and hard work”

Dave Loew Music  Sydney/London/New York.


Our Exponentials Downunder team

Mike Kennedy

Outdoor portraitPersonal Business Coach, working with business owners in Australia and New Zealand for over 15 years.  His company; AddsValue , uses Gazelles “Scaling Up” materials and methodologies to help rapid growth businesses.   LinkedIn profile.

  • background of running a 25+ year training business in two countries.
  • established international accredited training program in  New Zealand
  • trained and mentored 36 business coaches nationally in New Zealand
  • coached business owners for 15 years nationally in agriculture, financial services, manufacturing, entertainment, hospitality and health care industries
  • set up and ran 12 businesses, in service, education, health and manufacturing industries and selling three.
  • training to be a certified Gazelles coach
  • coached business clients in Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, USA, Cambodia and France

Mike is Colleen’s brother and Rose’s husband.  It’s a family business.

Colleen Kennedy

Col's Portrait

Personal Business Coach, working with business owners in Australia.  She uses Gazelles “Scaling Up” materials and methodologies to help rapid growth businesses. LinkedIn profile

Recently returned from supporting a not-for-profit special needs orphanage to turn around, Colleen set up and managed the Beyond the Ordinary hub and tea house, supporting women’s enterprises in Inner-West Sydney for eight years.

  • 25 years experience as teacher, trainer, mentor and coach
  • trained Results coaches Australia
  • maintained 16 years coaching practice, specialising in growing women’s enterprises
  • studying to be a certified Gazelles coach
Rose Kennedy
Rose Business 3

Administrator, trouble shooter and change agent with a background as a sports coach.  LinkedIn profile.

Rose keeps the two coaches and all participants organised and supported.

She has worked for the last 25 years in Australia and New Zealand as:


  • administration manager
  • executive assistant to GM
  • in-house change agent
Ted Kennedy

TRA Photographer

Ted is our resident photographer and videographer.

He has been videoing and taking photographs for the last 15 years.

The last year, he has been videoing interviews with business owners, talking about their business values, vision and offerings..

Our  values, our approach and our vision, purpose & mission

Our values


You don’t care how much we know until you know how much we care. We respect our client’s abilities, resourcefulness and vision for their successful future  We don’t rescue or advise anyone  We know you have your own style of leadership and your own answers and we help you unlock your natural abilities

Deliver clarity

Clarity leads you to power, action and innovation  We always seek clarity for our clients  We use tools that display your data in the simplest, clearest fashion

Test and measure

Measuring progress is key to building momentum in business  We constantly measure and display the most important metrics

Regular planning

The key to maintaining focus lies in having short sharp 90 day bursts of energy, resources and activity   We do this in one hour intensive planning and review coaching sessions  We manage and maintain the rhythm & practice of regular planning and reflection for you and your business over a 12 month period

Have the courage to tell the truth

When everyone else is being polite or simply withholding the truth, we have the courage to tell the truth  You will hear from us, not what you want to hear, but what is important for you to hear

We are responsible for adding value

Whenever the opportunity to add value occurs; our greatest priority in this moment is to deliver that value

 Maintain Client Balance

Business people in overwhelm are not able to be resourceful, think properly or make sound decisions in any part of their lives We keep our clients out of mental and emotional states of overwhelm   We encourage them to maintain resourceful emotional and thinking states

Our approach

You have all the answers inside of yourself for  any business or personal challenge  We unlock and give you access to your internal resources

We are big fans of our clients – we witness and facilitate their pure genius

Not only that, we use Gazelles scientific and research based business growth tools and materials

You can count on us to coach, dancing in Your Moment.

We have been trained to tell the truth and will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear   Remember the story  of “The Emperor’s New Clothes“?

We will hold you to account, helping you be rigorous with your word

We help you think resourcefully and put your best into your business dealings

You have your own unique processes and needs.  We are responsive coaches, who dance with whatever is current on your plate, moving you forward, bringing your best self to your business game  We don’t limit ourselves to a paint-by-numbers rigid system 

We will help you avoid staleness and overwhelm in your business…and your life

Expect us to challenge you and get you to stretch

Our vision

 A culture of enterprising Australians and New Zealanders adding abundant sustainable value to their economies.

Our purpose

Leading Leaders to Clarity, Building a Sustainable, Inspiring Future.

Our mission

Unlocking clarity, value and focus, on the way to achieving inspiring goals.

The Kennedy family is proud to offer you  our support with the

EXPONENTIALS Down Under Program

Email us now and tell us what you want to achieve in your next year of business – we want to hear about that.


Hop aboard, the bus is leaving on the 15 November  2016