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The One-Way Relationship of the Servant Leader

It’s the trump card every servant leader, coach or consultant has,

It’s the thing that brings out the Best from your clients, your staff and your colleagues.

It’s the thing that makes the difference,

…and its the thing that servant leaders, coaches and consultants have in common with artists,

It’s adding that thing called care.

Not just careful, but caring passionately and fully,

Without any expectation of return or reward.

It’s the fruit of the one-way relationship,

It’s the thing that’s missing with the paycheck mentality,

It’s also makes for a lousy business model, if you don’t manage it carefully,

Drawing the line between the one-way relationship and friendship,

Because, with one, you never cash in your chips,

You never expect a return;

That’s what comes with a two way relationship,

The right to expect something back…

So, if you want to have the high performance outcomes…

Of the servant leader/coach/consultant/artist…

Draw the line, maintain the boundaries and continue to give unconditionally,

Otherwise, prepare for the disappointment, embarrassment and pain of discovering,

You have indeed been playing the one-way relationship game.


You are The Magic – Just Add You!

There’s a part of you, that lights people up,

That inspires, that motivates,

That’s a catalyst some people have been waiting a lifetime for,

There’s part of you that’s beyond the usual signs and symbols of success,

That is absolutely magic – like a tasty instant soup: just add you!

A wealth un-imagined, intangible, impossible to explain.

But the only thing…you just have to get out of it’s way

It’s not what you think it is, it doesn’t conform to any rules, scriptures or manual…

The minute you try to control it…it’s gone, flown away, somewhere else, away from you…

In your business, that part lives in your vision, your intentions and your values…

The magic of you can light up your business if you plant the seeds, set up the structures,

Build it and they will come, hold the unlit lamp to the sky and the flame will appear…

….you just gotta trust it.

Help Kids Thrive – Coach their Parents!

Last Sunday the NY Times reported on a study that has tracked 129 families for 30 years.

Divided into three groups in 1986, the first received one-hour of coaching per week encouraging the parents to play with their children; the second received a kilogram of milk-based nutritional supplement each week; and the third nothing. It lasted two years, but the children have been tracked ever since.

Notes the article:

The children whose parents were counseled to play more with them did better, throughout childhood, on tests of I.Q., aggressive behavior and self-control. Today, as adults, they earn an average of 25 percent more per year than the subjects whose parents didn’t receive home visits.

Rosie and I have had lots of mentors and support for our boy Ted and thank you all for your support!

Stressed-out and Overwhelmed – You just can’t Think Clearly!

In 2009, I asked my clients to fill out a survey questionnaire.

43 of them obliged me and when their results came in I was flabbergasted.

All of them answered one of the questions with the same answer.

The question was a simple: “What were you doing before you decided to take us on as your coach?”

Standing on the edge of the cliffTheir answer for all of them started with: “I was standing on the edge of the cliff…” and three of them said: “I was getting ready to jump.”

At that pHelpoint, I had to admit that most of my clients were in a pretty stressed out and overwhelmed place when they first started working with me.

I’d always forget that, because their progress, moving forward, was so rapid.

You see, my clients improved their business thinking for the simple reason that they were able to concentrate on what was at hand, without their attention being swept away by pressing business problems, conflicts and anxieties.

By us helping them to change their environment and their planning habits in their business made it easier for them to focus and deal with what’s important.

You just can’t function intellectually when you are caught up in stress and overwhelm.  Your decisions become knee-jerk emotional responses instead of coming out of focused aligned and intentional thinking.

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Leaner, faster, more decentralized – Jeff Immelt’s address to Stern’s School of Business Graduates

Jeff Immelt GECLast Friday, GE’s CEO delivered NYU Stern School’s commencement address. This FORTUNE piece highlights his insights, including:

“Change requires new business models… leaner, faster, more decentralized.

The days of cycling global ideas through a central headquarters is over.

Globalization requires pushing capability to local teams who are empowered to take risks without second guessing.”

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Stress and Overwhelm Don’t Co-exist with Clear, Resourceful Thinking.

Stressed out brainStress and overwhelm steals your blood supply from your brain and directs it to the parts of your body that help you run faster, hit harder or freeze stiller.

It’s not just your blood flow that’s effected.  Your stress hormones, the most famous being adrenaline, floods your body and brain.

stress 2Thinking clearly is definitely impaired.  If you have been stressed out and overwhelmed for a long period, you haven’t taken a holiday for a long time or if you have a number of personal and business incidents and concerns you aren’t dealing with well, then your thinking will definitely be in the knee jerk category.

When you realise this and take responsibility for your own stress and overwhelm, you set up some simple regular practices such as:

  • This will help you work off the build-up of stress in your body and help you rehabilitate your on/off stress switch.
  • Yoga, meditation, long baths – whatever relaxes you – do it regularily.  This helps you build a bank of calmness for you to draw upon.
  • Both personal and business reflection.  You need to be reflecting on your business goals on a weekly basis.  Having an end of week process to debrief your achievements, learning and progress really helps you stay focused and effective in the moment.  Having a friend or a mentor for your personal issues reflection makes a big difference if you do a weekly catch up.
  • Business meeting with yourself, at least fortnightly, to track your progress against your quarterly business goals allows you to respond to opportunities and risks and deal with them in the course of your fortnight.

These practices build up a bank of personal capacity that allows you to think clearly and resourcefully.

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Comfort and Growth don’t Co-exist.

The human and the being are two separate parts of who you are.

Your human was born to a family, a community and a education system whose values you accepted and adopted as your own.  Your human’s agenda is simple: food, shelter, security and  some fun will satisfy most humans.

Your being is different.  It has come here for a reason.  There’s something it has come here to achieve.  It’s where all of your freedom, creativity, wisdom and courage comes from.  It’s agenda is to serve what it has come here to do.  Food, shelter, security and fun are none of it’s concern.

Sometimes your human tries to serve only it’s needs at the costs of the being’s agenda.  These are the humans who live half lives, absent from fulfillment, satisfaction and joy.

Sometimes your human gets dragged, kicking and screaming by your being, risking all for a daring adventure with no guarantee of success, reward…or even sometimes; survival.

You see, the reasonable person, adapts themselves to their circumstances.

The unreasonable person, adapts their circumstances to them.

The world needs more unreasonable people.

You see, comfort is over-rated.

Also, comfort and growth don’t co-exist.

If you stay comfortable too long, like water that doesn’t flow, you will stagnate.

I am coaching a coach who has a business owner who is 68, who has just decided to double his business in two years.  He doesn’t need to.  He wants to.

He also has another business owner, at age 84, who is on track to double his company turnover in four years.  Same story.

You know, Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream.

His dream had him.

I am of the opinion, that people who are actively chasing a dream that inspires them,

Are energised by that dream, sustained and inspired by that dream,

Ever-growing, ever learning, ever re-inventing themselves,

Way beyond and faster than humans who cling to safety, security and the known.

These are the people who inspire me.

These are the people I get to coach.

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Coaching from Beyond

You know, there are some people who really make a difference in your life.

Two of these in my life, have passed away.

KevinFirstly, my mentor and friend for many years, Kevin Lohan passed away last November.  He keeps making a difference in my life and my business.  Every time I hit an obstacle, I ask the question, “What would Kevin be thinking right now?”  He was a master of unraveling puzzles and he always encouraged me to think outside of my little box.

Bill Campbell 5Bill Campbell passed away last month.  He was an amazing coach with extensive CEO and Director experience who coached anyone who had a pulse in Silicon Valley.   After a while, he stopped charging for his services, saying: “Silicon Valley was good to me.”  He shows me every day, how it’s my humility,  intuition and willingness to tell the truth at the right time that takes me into the realm of being a great coach.

The reality of death is a great motivator.

However, it’s amazing the legacy that some people leave after they die.

Who is it for you, that gives you strength, doorways to new possibility and inspiration who has passed away.

It’s good to remember the people whose shoulders you stand upon.

Well – What is Digital Disruption?

I’ve been talking about this to lots of people and it’s a really hard thing to explain.

The truth is, that it’s so foreign and so out there, that we all approach what it is from our own unique perspective.

The other truth is, that it’s all around us.  The fish, they say, discovers water last.

So I’ve found this video – made from an American factory working machinist, who explains and physically demonstrates, in a factory environment, in simple, down to earth terms, what digital disruption is all about and how it’s effecting us in economic terms.

It’s worth a look and it takes about an hour.

– enjoy and learn.

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

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