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Stressed-out and Overwhelmed – You just can’t Think Clearly!

In 2009, I asked my clients to fill out a survey questionnaire.

43 of them obliged me and when their results came in I was flabbergasted.

All of them answered one of the questions with the same answer.

The question was a simple: “What were you doing before you decided to take us on as your coach?”

Standing on the edge of the cliffTheir answer for all of them started with: “I was standing on the edge of the cliff…” and three of them said: “I was getting ready to jump.”

At that pHelpoint, I had to admit that most of my clients were in a pretty stressed out and overwhelmed place when they first started working with me.

I’d always forget that, because their progress, moving forward, was so rapid.

You see, my clients improved their business thinking for the simple reason that they were able to concentrate on what was at hand, without their attention being swept away by pressing business problems, conflicts and anxieties.

By us helping them to change their environment and their planning habits in their business made it easier for them to focus and deal with what’s important.

You just can’t function intellectually when you are caught up in stress and overwhelm.  Your decisions become knee-jerk emotional responses instead of coming out of focused aligned and intentional thinking.

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Stress and Overwhelm Don’t Co-exist with Clear, Resourceful Thinking.

Stressed out brainStress and overwhelm steals your blood supply from your brain and directs it to the parts of your body that help you run faster, hit harder or freeze stiller.

It’s not just your blood flow that’s effected.  Your stress hormones, the most famous being adrenaline, floods your body and brain.

stress 2Thinking clearly is definitely impaired.  If you have been stressed out and overwhelmed for a long period, you haven’t taken a holiday for a long time or if you have a number of personal and business incidents and concerns you aren’t dealing with well, then your thinking will definitely be in the knee jerk category.

When you realise this and take responsibility for your own stress and overwhelm, you set up some simple regular practices such as:

  • This will help you work off the build-up of stress in your body and help you rehabilitate your on/off stress switch.
  • Yoga, meditation, long baths – whatever relaxes you – do it regularily.  This helps you build a bank of calmness for you to draw upon.
  • Both personal and business reflection.  You need to be reflecting on your business goals on a weekly basis.  Having an end of week process to debrief your achievements, learning and progress really helps you stay focused and effective in the moment.  Having a friend or a mentor for your personal issues reflection makes a big difference if you do a weekly catch up.
  • Business meeting with yourself, at least fortnightly, to track your progress against your quarterly business goals allows you to respond to opportunities and risks and deal with them in the course of your fortnight.

These practices build up a bank of personal capacity that allows you to think clearly and resourcefully.

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Issues my clients grapple with #18:


You are playing small, trying to survive, trying to save pennies instead of leading and dominating your market niche, making the profits you have worked hard and smart for.

You have no vision, no destination, nothing to look forward to.


Find someone who believes in you, more than you currently do.

Trust that that someone is smart enough to realise that you can be stretched to achieve something that right now, you don’t believe is possible.

Set some audacious bold and inspiring goals.

Make an audacious, bold plans.

Hold yourself accountable to act decisively.


Working toward goals that you love and are inspired by, helps you trust in your ability to play and win in bigger games.

Sometimes you don’t even need to achieve the goal – the thrill of the chase as well as the self belief needed to set out and face the challenges of achieving the goals are a reward in themselves.

You will find yourself.

Not your small self, but your larger self.

You’ll realise that the most dangerous game in town is to play safe.

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C’mon out and play – you can’t do anything about the past or the future – there is only now and that’s why they call it the present! email me.

Issues my clients grapple with #17:


You don’t even listen to your smartest asset in your business – You.

You are missing out on utilizing the power of your experience, your contacts, your knowledge and your intuition about your business and your market.

You don’t listen to your own brilliant ideas.


This generally happens because you are stressed out and overwhelmed by all the clutter, the extraneous and the unclear about where you are going in your business.

First, you set some inspiring goals that you absolutely love.

You then focus on achieving them.

You spend time with people who believe that you have everything you need in yourself to achieve your goals.  They see your genius, your great solutions and abilities.

Every time you reach a block or an obstacle, you ask yourself what’s the best way forward…and you trust that you will have the answer…and you listen for your response.

The Outcome:

The more you reach out to the unknown and discover your own genius, wisdom and courage, the more you get to trust these parts of yourself.

You start to develop trust, self respect and the courage to stand up to the challenges and obstacles in your life and business.

Your ideas suddenly become strategies, ways forward that you consider in your quest for success.

relaxed, reclining Mike

You know, life gets pretty relaxed and easy when you start trusting yourself. Find out about the relaxed, reclining and very smart you – email me.

Issues my clients grapple with: 16#


You aren’t being clear and straight about what you are really going for and where you are going. The Spice Girls are asking you: “Tell me what you want – tell me what you really, really want!”

The world wants to know what your vision is – where you are heading.


Sit with someone who gives you permission to be who you are.

Stop censoring yourself – talk about what you really, really want.

While you are being honest with yourself – quick!- set some goals!

Then, write a vision of what it will be like when you have achieved those goals – talk about it as if it’s already happened.  Write how you feel about it.

Then, read your vision and record it on your phone.  Be enthusiastic and dramatic when you read it.  Then listen to it three times a day for the next ninety days – Live into your future.

Get to know your way around your future.  Check out what’s missing right now and bring it into being.  In your business as well as your personal life.

Do whatever it takes to make your vision come true, every day in every way.


You will be unstoppable.

People will be wondering how come you have so much insight about what’s needed to make your goals happen.

They will see you as being articulate and able to describe down to the detail, your vision.

When obstacles come and push comes to shove, you won’t shrink away and do nothing to defend your vision.  Your vision has a life and that life is within you and you will defend that life with fire and passion.

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Tell me what you want, what you really really want, and I’ll help you get it! email me.

Issues my Client’s grapple with #14:


You have no routine to support you.  No routine of planning.  No routine of communicating.  No routine of measuring and correcting.  No routine of learning and reflection in the workplace.  No routine, no time management, no power, whose running your business anyhow?


Set your goals.

Put your coaching sessions into your diary, for the whole year.

Put your holidays and breaks into your diary, for the whole year.

Put your quarterly meetings in your diary.

Set up daily huddles with your team.  Communicate every day.

Let your coach manage you.


Habits in place that that support you and your business.


More time.

Less stress.

Much, much better results.

Faster learning, layered every day with reflection.  You are able to access and utilise your learning easily.  You are smarter.  Things make sense.  You can see ways forward.

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

A business without a coach is just plain hard work. Take the weight off and email me.

Issues My Clients Grapple With #13:


You don’t have the skills or the understanding to do well in business.

And there’s no time to spend to learn and upskill.

The less skill you feel you have, the more fear you have about being able to run a successful business.

The more you avoid learning and updating your skills, the worst this situation gets. You have to continue to learn to continue to earn with your business


Continuous learning

Turning your business into a learning organisation

Establish a culture of reflection, joint problem solving, it’s okay to ask for help,  it’s okay to ask for training

Regularly reflect about your business progress, your problems, your solutions.


Productive team

On the job learning, while your business is earning money

Empowered staff with self respect

Culture of group problem solving

Culture of innovation in place

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Learn while you earn with your work team around you, sharing your learning, multiplying your business’s intelligence. email me.

Issues My Clients Grapple With #12:


You are trying to eat an elephant in one meal.

Trying to do too much in too short a time.

You aren’t chunking down your plans into achievable objectives and doable actions.

You are setting yourself up for failure.

You are getting more and more desperate every time you fail to reach a target that’s been set too high.


Set achievable goals

Be rigorous and realistic with your plans to achieve outcomes

Develop habits of steady measured progress

Stay focused


Elephant is being eaten

You are not stressing out or being overwhelmed by your task

You have negotiated realistic timelines

You have enrolled support for your project

Progress, not panic is being made

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

You eat an elephant, one bite at a time. The trick is finding which bite to take, when. email me.

Issues My Clients Grapple With #11:


You say you want to grow your business, but you are so busy putting out fires in your business, you never stick to your plan.

When push comes to shove, you slow down, lose momentum and stop working your plan.

Your vision is not strong enough to support you continually moving forward.


Your business purpose and vision need to be clearly articulated, believable and inspiring.

Link your purpose and vision to your economic engine

Find your mojo in the business that you love – fan the flames of your love

Communicate – no – evangelise your vision and purpose to your staff, stakeholders and customers


Focus, clarity and a plan to drive your economic engine with your stakeholders and staffing team

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Hocus focus – amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.


Issues My Clients Grapple With #10:

You don’t know what your clients really want. You are giving them what they used to want, not what they want now.

Your clients are now looking like complaints and problems that you don’t really want to deal with.

You have started complaining about your customers and see them as problems, instead of your opportunity to make money.


You and your staff are treating your clients badly, not listening with them and often in conflict with them.

Your clients are frustrated with being ignored and disregarded.  They are either actively looking for a new supplier or they are a prime target for your competitors to take them off you.


Turn it around.

Make your client the most important person in your business.

Find out what it is that they want then have a meeting with your staff to brainstorm how to deliver that result.  Encourage and listen to suggestions.

Design systems and processes that enable your front line staff to engage with and provide satisfaction for your clients.

Desired Outcome

Loyal, satisfied clients, referring friends and family to use your products and services.

Set your direction.  Identify where you are at.  Start your engines!  email me.

Turn your customers into raving fans! email me

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