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Issues My Clients Grapple With #9:

The issue:

You aren’t aware of what is trending right now. Not in your industry, in your business or even in your locale. You are swimming upstream and are just working harder and longer without knowing why. You aren’t calling the shots about where you are going – you don’t even remember where you are going.

The source

You are stressed out and overwhelmed, reacting to client problems and competition challenges.  You have no time or resources to research what is happening in your market, not to mention what is happening in your industry or even what is happening globally.

The answer

Subscribe to trendwatchers.com and springwise.com

Discuss and engage with trends in your daily business life with your colleagues, customers and industry network

Include goals in your yearly and quarterly goals that relate to your proactive responses to trends


Issues My Clients Grapple With #8:

The issue

You don’t even know what your competition is doing. They are operating below your radar and you don’t have time to check them out. They are always catching you by surprise

The source

You neglect regular market research

You are operating your business in a vacuum

You are unaware of current trends

The answer

Market research regularly

Trend watch

Issues My Clients Grapple With #10

The issue

You don’t know what your clients really want. You are giving them what they used to want, not what they want now. Your clients look like complaints and problems that you don’t really want to deal with. You have started complaining about your customers and see them as problems, instead of your opportunity to make money.

The source

Complacency, entitlement, being burnt out, distracted and off your game with customer service

The answer

engage with your values

develop customer profiles

empower staff to serve and communicate with your customers


Issues My Clients Grapple With #7:

The issue

Your team is not supporting you or working well together. You don’t have the right people on the bus. You don’t even have the right people in the right seats on the bus. Your team is not a team, working passionately toward common objectives.

The source

You haven’t been clear about your recruitment process – you haven’t defined what people you need on your business bus and what seats they need to sit in

The answer

Review all of your clients against a rating scale of A, B and C players

Make all of your recruitment choices based upon A’s and B’s

Get rid of all your C players

Be very clear about your business’s roles: the seats on the bus

Get the right people on the bus

Get the right people in the right seats on the bus

Issues My Cilents Grapple with #6:

The Issue

You are wasting time and money doing stuff that doesn’t make a difference. You are not focused on the important stuff. You are busy with busy-ness, not working a strategy and making money.

The Source

This is a result of you either not having a clear plan moving forward, or you simply being overwhelmed by the detail of your plan.

Most traditional business plans are not appropriate for being anything but a record of your overall plans.  Your quarterly plans need to be dynamic, responsive and easy to focus on.

The answer?

Hocus focus

Keep it simple

Keep your attention on the important numbers

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