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Introducing: The Rockefeller Habits

TitianBased upon Titian, the biography of John D Rockefeller, these key fundamentals of leadership and managing a business are a must for anyone building a successful high growth business.

You’ll find a checklist below that you can use to determine whether you have the fundamentals established as part of your  company’s DNA.

These tools typically take time to inculcate and incorporate in your employee’s thoughts and actions.

So be patient and start implementing them now.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Want help in staying focused on the important things as you grow your business? email me.

A coach’s listening

It’s a been a big week here at the Exponentials Downunder and there’s been a number of insights along with the Growth Faculty coming to town with the Growth Summit – a collection of cutting edge speakers presenting to medium sized businesses in Sydney.

My big insight about how a coach listens came from ringing a coach, who I’d trained and mentored for some years and who has become a dear friend.

I thought I was having a normal conversation.  Suddenly, I was sharing things that were under the radar for me.  I was being more honest about my situation than I would normally be and I was having insights that were incredibly valuable to me.

I got off the phone and did some reflection.

Then it clicked.

He was coaching me!!!!

I rang him back and thanked him for his great work and he told me he was not doing anything special (- yeah right! ) it was just a conversation.

I forget this, but when you are talking to a coach, it’s usually a one way conversation that’s all about you and nothing about the coach.

Anyway, speaking of powerful conversations that are crucial, the inspiring Joseph Grenny, author of Crucial Conversations, Influencer,  Crucial Accountability and Change Anything was in town.

I’ve been on my best behaviour in the last couple of days knowing he is in Sydney.  I’ve been mindful of having the conversations I usually avoid, by some simple preparation, structuring the conversation so it moves forward.

Not only that Salim Ismail, founder of the Singularity University and the author of Exponential Organisations, the book I read in December 2015 that scared the bejeebers out of me and motivated me to digitally disrupt my business and set up Exponentials Downunder.

Knowing he is in town has had me looking over my digital shoulder searching for the unexpected threats lurking in trends  everywhere for my business.

I also discovered the amazing Frances Frei,  professor at Harvard and someone whose research uncovers some counter-intuitive information about customer Service.worth five minutes to check it out.

So it’s been a big week in dear old Sydney town.

I trust you are winning, especially with St Patricks day being yesterday, knowing that whether you are winning and losing, all is well as long as you are smiling and enjoying it!

Have a great weekend and let’s stand on the shoulders of this week, next Monday!

relaxed, reclining Mike

Want to find a balance between relaxed and being productive in your business? A good coach will help you do this. email me to find out how.

Issues my Clients grapple with #15:


You don’t communicate regularly about the important stuff with your staff, your customers or your stakeholders.

Most of your business strategy is in your head and nobody knows what’s going on, except you.

Your staff, your clients and your stakeholders all want you to win, but they can’t support you when you don’t communicate with them.


Set your goals

Write  your plan to achieve your goals out

Figure out the important stuff

Talk about the important stuff to your staff, your customers and your stakeholders.  You’ll say it differently to each group,   but you will keep them informed.

Ask for support.  You’ll be surprised at what people will do.


You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner

Engaged staff, customers and stakeholders, involved in your business.

Clarity in your business, moving forward.

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Hocus focus – It’s amazing what happens when you find some clarity in your business! email me.

Warren Buffet’s take on the US economy

In his Annual letter on page 7, Warren puts the current US economy in perspective:

American GDP per capita is now about $56,000. As I mentioned last year that – in real terms – is a staggering six times the amount in 1930, the year I was born, a leap far beyond the wildest dreams of my parents or their contemporaries.

U.S. citizens are not intrinsically more intelligent today, nor do they work harder than did Americans in 1930.

Rather, they work far more efficiently and thereby produce far more.

This all-powerful trend is certain to continue: America’s economic magic remains alive and well.

If you add to this, Rupert Murdoch marrying Jerri Hall on the weekend (and the story he related about his depression after his first divorce, inspiring him to: “Buy up property in New York”), there is a sense that these players at this level are pretty optimistic about the opportunities in the marketplace…as well as the cut and thrust of married life.

“Life is either a daring adventure…or nothing at all.”

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

How applicable is this for Australia and New Zealand?  Where are the opportunities?  email me.

Warren Buffet’s Brief Leadership Masterclass

Geoff Colvin has extracted three leadership lessons from Warren Buffett’s latest shareholder letter (released this past weekend) in this short FORTUNE article:

  1. He’s optimistic
  2. He explains what he’s doing so that anyone can understand it.
  3. He admits mistakes and makes no attempt to sugarcoat them.

It’s worth one minute to read – three important leadership reminders.

Hocus focus - amazing what happens when you find some clarity! email me.

Leadership – it’s a lifetime education and refinement. A coach can help you regularly develop your leadership while you are in the process of leadership. email me.

Clutter, Stress, Overwhelm and the Law of Diminishing Returns

1.  Clutter

There are many forms of clutter.  Your desk may be cluttered, your office may be cluttered, your sales offering may be cluttered with irrelevant products, your job description might be full of tasks you could be delegating, your staff might be cluttered with non-performers and low level players, your clients might be cluttered with low level customers, who are difficult to deal with and slow to pay, your head may be cluttered with negative thoughts or a lack of clarity, your business plan might be cluttered with too much detail.

When your environment is cluttered, it’s hard to think clearly.  The opposite of clutter is clarity. Zen.  Where there is nothing there, that doesn’t need to be there.

If you want an experience of Zen, go visit a fire station or an Apple Store.  There is an absence of clutter.  It’s refreshing.

2.  Stress

Stress often is birthed  by clutter.  Stress happens when you want to work hard and fast and all the clutter hangs onto your legs, slowing you down.

Stress is not good for business owners.  Not only does it affect your work, your staff, your family and your cat when you are stressed, it also affects your thinking.

The flight-or-fight-response drains the blood from your brain and channels it to your legs, so you can run faster and to your arms so you can hit harder.  When you are stressed, you simply don’t have enough blood in your brain to think resourcefully.  You are generally reacting to circumstances instead of pro-actively re-forming situations.

Your business needs as much smarts as it can get.  Especially from you!

3.  Overwhelm

Overwhelm is the toxic child of a marriage between clutter and stress.

Business owners who have clutter and stress in their businesses, often attempt to eat elephants – well maybe not real elephants, but they often try to bite of more than they can consume.

It’s firstly a symptom of desperation, secondly, a sign of mis-judgement and thirdly a thesis in a lack of planning.

It all gets too much, the stress shuts down your thinking completely as you drown in the clutter and abdicate your ability to do anything constructive.  It’s not pretty.

Of course, your stress and overwhelm levels will be toxic, if you have neglected to have regular breaks and holidays.  Most business owners pass up on holidays and avoid breaks so they can get stuck into more work.

Unfortunately, this leads you to a state called :

4. “The Law of Diminishing Returns”

When we react to change by working “Faster, Longer & Harder”, then we start heading toward the state of mind, body, physics and economics known as “The Law of Diminishing Returns”

Simply put: “The faster, longer and harder you work strategy gets you to a stage where you work faster, longer and harder, but you achieve less and less results.”

Does that look familiar to you?

Alice in Wonderland met someone like that called the Red Queen, who was running all the time to achieve the same result as she used to achieve with normal effort.

You can only keep this up for so long.


Admitting to yourself where you are currently at

Its just as true personally as it is for your business.

StartIn order to get to your destination, you have to accurately determine where you are right now.

And that might even be noticing some areas where you are letting your team down – your record keeping, your level of impeccability in operating your systems – even your appearance can be letting you down.

That’s why I’m writing about this.

You see, we all set our own standards of operation.

Man in the MirrorAs we are usually the only one we are accountable to, it’s easy for our standards to drop.

If you are really interested in being the best you that you can be, then I’d suggest taking on a coach.

As soon as you spend time around a coach, it becomes obvious to you where you are currently at.

That’s why most people won’t come near a coach

When you see you are not operating on your best level of operation, you can make some changes.

It’s only when you see that, that you can do something about it.

Left to your own devices, you conveniently ignore where you are at, justifying your behaviors, turning a blind eye.

But you can’t build on justifications. 

Reality is the only foundation to move forward

So if you discover you’ve gone a bit feral, that your standards of operation and behavior have slipped, then that really is a good thing.

You can build on that.  You can improve on that.

You are now aware of that.

Then you can authentically look at where you want to go to (your goals) and start from the start.

You have to know where you are starting from if you want to go somewhere else.

Set your direction. Identify where you are at. Start your engines! email me.

Set your direction. Identify where you are at. Start your engines! email me.

The daily hard work of Aussie and Kiwi Business Owners

All around Australia and New Zealand,

in factories, workshops and offices

in shops, on the internet and on the road,

There are business owners working hard to grow their business, to support their families and take care of their employees.

They have their challenges

They are often frustrated by the daily things that stop them growing their business.

Stressed out and overwhelmed, they throw themselves day in and day out to achieve the task they have set themselves.

They throw the best in themselves to achieve their goals.

Their staff and families right behind them.

There’s support available

Now there’s a program starting in March 15 2016, that can help our Australian and New Zealand business owners break the limits they face every day.

It’s called Exponentials Downunder and it’s a program  where 30 business owners focus on growing their business in twelve months, to where they want to go.

You won’t be alone.

You’ll have your own dedicated coach, you’ll have 29 other determined business owners to talk issues through, you’ll be part of a group that’s going somewhere together.

It’s not for the faint hearted, it’s not for the close minded – it’s for open people who are willing to change and ready to do the things week after week to make their business grow.

If you want to know more about this amazing program call us (+61 (0)439 979 577) or email us at exponentials down under and we’ll show you how you can double your turnover, achieve rapid growth and stay ahead of the digital disruption.

Take charge of your business.  Get it under control.  Growing fast will require you to pull it all together. Let me support you.  email me.

Take charge of your business. Get it under control. Growing fast will require you to pull it all together. Let me support you. email me.


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